About us

We are a locally owned residential house cleaning company. We specialize in "Quality Services". We are not the cheapest people in town but or rates are very compettitive and we provide quality services.  If you are tired of mediocre work and are ready to upgrade your cleaning service then please call us .. we know you will be happy with our services!

Who is Larkspur House Cleaning Services. We are a locally owned business, not one of the large franchise companies that does not really care about its customers. We began providing cleaning services in Larkspur and the surrounding areas in 1987 and we have grown over the years. We now provide services across the entire area and we have many satisfied clients and would love the opportunity to add you to our list of many satisfied clients ...

Why choose Larkspur House Cleaning Services?

That is a good question. We know there are a lot of cleaning companies out there .. some good and some bad. There are also a lot of individuals who are cleaning homes .. wich for us quite frankly is very scary...not because we fear them as competition but because of WHO it is who is actually out there... what do you really know about that person? Daily, as a company we have people applying for house cleaning positions with us that appear to be pleasant and perhaps would be good housekeepers ..and then we run our very thorough background check only to find out that the have a criminal record! We weed them out ..how certain are you that you can do the same?

Hiring a professional cleaning company like Larkspur House Cleaning Service will ensure that you will get quality service, accountability and security. That is what makes us better!

 We do throrough Criminal Background Checks on all Employees. The people that are sent to your home are our employees, not independent contractors. That means we carry workers comp on these employees...which protects you if an employee is injured in your home. 

We also take care of all the neccesary taxes, social security, medicare, FICA etc. that are required any time you hire an independent domestic person to work in your home. Why would you want to go to all the trouble to comply with the IRS and Social Security Administration's requirements when we can do it for you? And if and when you choose to let your independent housekeeper go, are you prepared to explain to the unemployment insurance people why you did not pay into unemployment insurance for this person who the state regards as your employee? What about if they are injured in your home .. did you carry workers comp insurance on this person? In the long run it is simply much easier to leave this to the experts..and we are the experts!

We actively manage our employees. You can call our office during business hours to discuss your needs or concerns .. we are alays happy to help and work things out to your satisfaction. We guarantee our work and will be happy to correct any problem ... just call us withing 24 hrs of your cleaning and we would be happy to come and re-clean any area that was not cleaned to your satisfaction.

All of our employees are professionals. We do extensive training of all of our employees so that you can be sure you have a professional team cleaning your home. We do periodic inspections to ensure that the quality is maintained.

We have been cleaning Colorado Homes for over 21 years and we hand pick every one of our employees, do ongoing background checks and reviews of our employees for your protection. We have only the best people working for Larkspur House Cleaning Services. Why not pick up the phone and call us today for a free estimate. You can reach us on (303) 703-9392 .  We look forward to talking to you soon.